The #FundSillyScience Series

Over the past decade, a number of politicians have called out silly-sounding science as being frivolous and wasteful with federal money. But their comments often reveal a lack of understanding of how basic research works. We take many small, seemingly insignificant steps on the way to major discoveries. Every discovery is built on a foundation of both successful and failed experiments laid by scientists around the globe. Seemingly ridiculous questions (what makes jellyfish glow?) can completely revolutionize how science is done (the green fluorescent protein derived from jellyfish is now a tool used in every cell biology lab).

We understand that making policy is about values - does the benefit of a policy to this group of people outweigh the cost to these others? So let's put science on the scales. This photo series shows the major benefits we all stand to gain from the relatively tiny cost (<2% of the federal budget) of investing in basic and applied research.


Want better diagnoses for cancer, faster recovery after stroke, actual treatments for multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's?

That starts with silly science.

Want better predictions for tornadoes and earthquakes, safer sources of energy, the chance to go into space?

That starts with silly science.

Want better education for children with learning disabilities, less lead exposure, an end to the opioid epidemic?

That starts with silly science too.



About the Creator

Sammy Katta is within binocular-assisted sight of a Ph.D in Neuroscience, researching the proteins that act as first responders in the sense of touch. Sammy helped found the science communication group NeuWrite West and has been working with Science Action Committee to organize scientists and engineers in political action. After graduating, she plans to explore a career in science and technology policy.